We supply systems that are based around high-performance filtration combined with other advanced and traditional technologies. We provide hybrid solutions tailored to specific requirements and situations.

Membrane water treatment systems are used in a variety of applications including brackish water to drinking water, desalination, industrial effluent and mine wastewater effluent to drinking water, and municipal waste water to drinking water.

We can offer full service supply including system infrastructure and installation.

AV Technologies are exclusive agents for Shandong Zhaojin Motian Co., Ltd of of the People's Republic of China for the Southern Africa SADC territories and have been involved in advanced membrane systems for purification and treatment of contaminated water for twenty years.

We are active in the development and sales of Motian's Membrane systems for the provision of pure water to the people and industries in this region, and for the cleansing of contaminated water for environmental protection and positive resources management.

Technological advances in Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis membranes have lead to a very rapid expansion in the range of complex waste streams that can be treated at an ecomically competitive cost.

We are able to design hybrid waste water treatment systems that incorporate a number of membrane and traditional technologies to maximise recycling opportunities and minimise environmental loading and fresh water uptake.

AV Technologies also operate in European and Latin American markets.