AV Technologies can offer a number of different services tailored to suit the position and circumstances of our clients with respect to their objectives and their current exposure to foreign trade.

Whether a first-time exporter or a multinational corporation, we are able to find the most suitable service to match our clients' requirements.
Our services include export agency operations, proprietary international trading, technology transfer and project management and consulting.

Export Agents
International Trade
Technology Transfer
AV Technologies provides full service export agency and management for exporters, allowing our clients the opportunity to focus on their core activities with the confidence of knowing that their overseas business is in safe hands.

From new business development to export logistics, sales and distribution, clients can choose the level of service required.
AV Technologies engage in proprietary business in the form of international trading. With expertise in commerce across diverse cultures together with our ability to handle the practicalities of the global trading environment, we take over the ownership of goods and supply to foreign companies.
We also source products from around the world and manage the process of procurement up to final delivery to our clients’ premises.
AV Technologies offers technology transfer services for the manufacture of certain chemical products.

As project managers we bring together and orchestrate the different elements and resources needed for the planning, design and construction of manufacturing and production plants.
AV Technologies provides consultancy and registration management for clients for the European Union’s ‘Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals’ (REACH) regulations.

We provide consultancy services for all areas of international trade including overseas mergers and acquisitions.